Zap and The Naturals - Dan plays lead guitar in this reggae, soul, funk-infused band out of Brooklyn, New York.

Big Meat - Dan and Ryan’s band since they were in high school. Though rarely active these days, the band has played roughly 300 shows. Big Meat’s unique sound is the dirty funk, climactic improv, and non-stop ridiculousness. Dan is one of two guitarists, lead singer, and main songwriter.
Big Meat's page

Fever Train - Dan and Ryan both played for this high energy rock band that combined a 90’s grunge vibe with funk and jamming. Active from Jan 2010 – May 2011. Dan’s roll was lead guitarist and backup singer.

Ryan Townsend Band - Old friend and band mate from Fever Train. Ryan Marks also plays bass in this band.

The Bunker Studio - Excellent studio and engineers

Vernon Webb - Incredible live concert photographer